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Foreverseal provide full technical support for PTFE TAPE applications.

Unsintered PTFE film

Unsintered PTFE film enables wire and cable insulation In high critical applications.

More than 12 years experience in PTFE TAPE manufacturing

Not the biggest, but the best one

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Why Foreverseal

Foreverseal is a leading supplier of thread sealing tapes, with more than 12 years of industry experience in the supply and manufacture of PTFE Tapes and EPTFE Films. Since 2009, we have been the industry's leading manufacturer of pipe seals, providing first-class products and quality services

Our PTFE TAPE has obtained UL, CE, WRAS, RoHS... The stable and good quality enables us to maintain long-term and long-term business relations with our old customers, and gain more new customers from the high-quality market. We are not the biggest, but the best partner you need...

Who We Serve

PTFE Tapes and EPTFE Films are the simplest and most cost-effective methods to protect ductile iron pipes, joints, valves and fittings from external corrosion. All of our PTFE Tapes comply with UL, CE, WRAS, and RoHS standards. We provide various sizes and colors to meet your needs. Widely used in water, oil, chemical, medical, food processing and other industries

What MakesForeversealDifferent

Long-term customer relationships are nurtured by consistent order fulfillment.
  • OEM Service

    Our expert consultants understand your business from the inside out, formulate the right plans and personnel, and provide you with the most suitable products. Whether it is technical assistance, documentation, marketing assistance, or special product requirements (such as custom packaging or private labeling)

  • Quality Control

    From raw material control to manufacturing, packaging and delivery, we follow a strict agreement system that exceeds industry standards. Whether it is a few pieces or hundreds of pieces, we will provide you with high-quality, effective sealing, and cost-effective products.

  • Process Management

    With more than 12 years of experience in the PTFE Tapes and EPTFE Films industries, we manufacture products based on the modern manufacturing process of the ERP system. All production is under strict management. The daily output can reach xxxx. The appropriate MOQ can help you build your own s brand.

  • High Sealing Performance

    Foreverseal has always focused on producing high quality and providing unprecedented performance, providing high quality and valuable products on time and on budget

Do our best to provide high-level technical solutions for our wide and diverse customer base

We have more than 12 years of experience in the custom production process of PTFE TAPE, and over the years have solved various product and application problems brought to us by customers. Do you want to know more? Contact us now!