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How to use PTFE tape in right way

How to use PTFE tape in right way

Jul 23,2022

Face the threaded male end of the fitting towards you and wrap the teflon tape in a clockwise direction. Start wrapping from the bottom and work your way up the threads (see left picture). Cover at least half the width of the tape each time you wrap it around the fitting. Continue wrapping until you reach the end of the pipe.


1. The ptfe tape needs to be wound along the thread direction, and be careful not to wrap the thread completely when wrapping the ptfe tape, as ptfe tape will enter the pipeline and reduce the sealing performance.

2. When winding the ptfe tape, it is necessary to exert a little force to ensure that the tape will not be pulled off. This method can tighten and firm the tape to ensure the tightness.

3. Generally, the wrapping of ptfe tape is more than 5 turns. Different heating parts have slightly different winding circles. You can choose the number of winding circles according to the specific situation. For example, the wrapping of faucet is about 10 turns, but some ptfe tape is thicker and can be wound for 8 turns.

4. After the ptfe tape is wrapped, you can turn the faucet clockwise along the water pipe of the faucet. Once the tape is wrapped, tighten the faucet all at once, do not turn back after it is twisted, as it is easy to leak.