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How to use?

How to use?

Update Time:2015/3/31
For fittings up to 1 1/2”/38mm diameter

1. Use 1/2”/12mm wide tape.

2. Clean the male and female threads thoroughly.

3. Wrap the tape around the male,stretching slightly to pull tape into threads

4. Slight overlap on the starting turn.

5. Cover all threads and pul hard to tear the tape

6. Assemle joint

Fittings above 11/2/38mm diameter

1. Use 3/4”/19mm wide tape for fitting up to 2”/51mm in diameter. Use 1”/25mm wide tape for fitting larger than 2”/51mm in diameter.

2. Follow the directions given above.


Keep PTFE Seal tape clean. Replace the clip on the spool after use. Store in a clean place.